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National Exclusive Traditional Chinese Six-type New Drug of Fangsheng Pharma -- Jinying Capsule Awarded Invention Patent of PRC


Recently, Type six TCM new drug exclusive to National Exclusive Traditional Chinese Six-type New Drug of Fangsheng Pharma –Jinying Capsule was awarded invention patent certificate by the State Intellectual Property Office for "treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease of the medicine composition and its application”. This is our 14th patent successfully obtained, marking the progress of Fangsheng in protection of products and technological innovation and enhancing the enterprise's core product level with scientific and technological innovation.
Jinying Capsule isbelongs to the star product of our "MeierShu" brand of gynaecology series, and it has been jointly recognized as the "National Key New Product" by the Ministry of Science and Technology and three other departments and has won the third prize of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. Jinying Capsule arises from the clinical experience of the veteran TCM practitioners, who which can effectively treat  cure pelvic inflammatory disease. It is  and  has been favored by clinicians and patients for its good efficacy and safety since approved in 2010, with product sales increased year by year.

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