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Strategic Planning

◆ Fangsheng Pharma's positining——To build a high-quality, comprehensive and research-based pharmaceutical company.
High-quality Fangsheng Pharma is characterized by high quality of production, service, staff and management.
Comprehensive Fangsheng Pharma contributes to the joint development and co-prosperity of TCM, chemical medicine and new biological agents.
Research-based Fangsheng Pharma makes new drug R&D its core competence and crafts well-received innovation ability from four dimensions, namely investments in R&D, R&D team building, research platform construction and research outcome projection.
◆ Medium and Long-term Strategic Planning——To build an admired enterprise with four lightening pots of characteristics.
We establish a grand strategic objective of “To build an admired enterprise with four characteristics” in the medium and long term strategic planning. The four characteristics refers to “grateful happiness, environment harmony, orderly operation and rapid growth”. With the integration of four characteristics into the develop pattern, Fangsheng Pharma will lead a long-lasting prosperity and strive to become one of the national best pharmaceutical companies in the next ten years.


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