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Quality Policy

◆ Quality, comprises the commitment for health
◆ Sincerity, requests the innovation for long run
Commitment is the basic quality of Fangsheng’s staff , and it is regarded as the most basic quality of all practitioners. The commitment on duty refers to “no excuse and focus on results”. Meanwhile, social responsibility was treated as the noblest commitment by Fangsheng. Contribution to the society and people’s health comprises the biggest goal for Fangsheng.
Fangsheng purchases qualified drug packing materials and controls the quality of productive process and after-sales services, which contributes to the credible “Fangsheng” brand image. We strive to improve customer satisfaction, as to excellent enough to take on the mission of health.
Innovation motivates the sustainable development. The continuous investment of Fangsheng makes the innovation soar. Process reengineering and system optimization contributes to innovation in management. Fresh knowledge acquisition leads to the innovation in all enterprise. National and abroad professional insight and industry trends contribute to the strategy deployment and adaptation to the marketing changes, which improves the development pattern.
Sincerity comprises the basic personality. Fangsheng advocates the equality between clients, supplier, subordinate and leader, and fights against concealment, cheating and fraud. Sincerity and loyalty are Fangsheng’s priceless treasures.

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Fangsheng Company

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